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BREAKING DAWN: THE AMERICAN MYTH is a series of archival performances that center Black Thinkers. These pieces examine the complexities and contradictions of the Black American experience. These moving portraits seek to illuminate the beauty and resilience of Black people and Black thought. 


Our inaugural film features the legacy of cultural stratigest, anti-lynching activist, journalist, data gather, teacher, and civil rights pioneer Ida B. Wells (1862-1931). Through Ida B. Wells' cultural legacy, we aim to ‘Get Free’ as we trace the threads of how a history of violence in the deep-south eerily serves as a microcosm for our modern day context.

THE NET is an audio performance which gives context to the audience about the production of Breaking Dawn: The American Myth.  It is an opportunity for listeners to learn more about political activist and journalist, Ida B Wells, and how her work continues to reverberate today. There will be one Net performance which participants are encouraged to listen to before they watch The American Myth and one for afterwards. Each audiocast will feature performers who worked on the piece as well as guest artists including some local Berkshire community members. Experience previous episodes.

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